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PREQUAL is a New Zealand first. We offer a client led, fully outsourcedpan-industry contractor  prequalification scheme.

PREQUAL is backed by Impac Services Ltd, New Zealand's leading provider of risk and safety management solutions.

  • What does that mean?

    Client led:  PREQUAL is designed to meet the needs of those who engage others to do work on their behalf - clients. They are paying for the work to be done - so they want to make sure it goes smoothly.  We have worked with a wide group of clients from different industries to understand their needs and have a Client Governance Group of senior health and safety and procurement experts to ensure we continue to do so.

    Outsourced:  Normally each client has to set up and run their own prequalification scheme. This is not core business for most of them and is time consuming and inefficient. By outsourcing this task to a specialist company, they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this important process. As the provider, PREQUAL is totally committed to providing a transparent, consistent, quality assured process at a cost effective price for Clients and Contractors.

    Pan-industry:    PREQUAL is not just for one particular industry. It covers all types of Contractors in all industries. So whether you are involved in facilities management, air conditioning, machinery maintenance, construction, catering, or building services; PREQUAL is relevant to you. Our clients cover a diverse range including food manufacturing, aviation, FMCG, logistics, construction, light and heavy manufacturing, and energy.

    Prequalification:  This is a vital first step in the overall process of selecting, engaging and managing contractors. It means you, as the Client, are determining if those contractors you are considering using share your commitment to safety, have good systems to identify and manage risks and the capability to work safely.

  • Why do I need PREQUAL?

    If you are a Client then you as a PCBU are required to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers. Workers include your contractors, their employees and their subcontractors. To meet legal requirements, you need to ensure that they have the required systems and capability to keep people safe. WorkSafe have recently clarified that prequalification is one of the key steps in good contractor management in their best practice contractor management guideline.  This reflects world best practice views that has contractor health and safety prequalification as one of five critical steps to achieve good contractor health and safety performance.

    As a Contractor you need to be able to demonstrate to potential Clients that you understand your legal obligations under health and safety law and have systems in place to ensure you can work safely -protecting your own staff, your sub-contractors and the Client's staff. You may also be asked to demonstrate that you have adequate insurance in place as well as other specific requirements. 

    Currently you may be asked to provide the same sort of information many times to different clients, often without understanding why they are asking, what they do with the information and not receiving any feedback on how well you are doing.

  • How does PREQUAL work?

    The first stage is for a Client to decide they want to use PREQUAL to assist them in prequalifying their Contractors. We will then work with them to notify all their current Contractors that they need to prequalify with PREQUAL.  If they are already in PREQUAL then the Contractor does not need to do anything else. Otherwise they will need to log into the PREQUAL website and complete the prequalification process by providing evidence of their systems and processes.

    The information required is tailored to the size, nature and type of work undertaken by the Contractor.  When you tell us something about yourself and what you do, our system creates a set of relevant questions. So it's not a "one size fits all" approach; nor is it a simple "tick the box" process. We require sufficient verification that you actually do what you say!

    PREQUAL trained assessors then go through your information and compare it against agreed assessment standards. We are not expecting everyone to be perfect and it's not a pass/fail system. PREQUAL provides a validated assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the Contractor with a clear indication of areas for improvement.

    The Client can then make an informed decision on whether they want to use that Contractor and, if so, how closely they will need to manage them.

  • How soon do I need to submit my prequalification?

    PREQUAL will contact you after you receive your initial notification from your Client, to let you know when you can start the prequalification process. You will have two months to submit your prequalification information following formal contact from PREQUAL. You can, however, elect to work through the prequalification process without being asked to by a Client.

  • What does it cost?

    Clients pay an annual fee to access the PREQUAL database. The fee is determined by the number of contractors they typically use.

    Contractors pay a prequalification assessment fee based on their size and category. The application will be made accessible, subsequent to completing an online credit card payment.

    Remember, you only complete the process and pay once, so for most contractors there are significant savings compared to having to fill in multiple forms for different prospective clients. You can do it at a time that suits you rather than having to rush to complete the paperwork when a tender request comes in.

  • I have a number of other questions.

    PREQUAL has prepared a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and compiled responses.  Please click on our FAQ link to learn more.

  • How can I find out more?

    You can contact PREQUAL on 0800 PREQUAL (0800 773 782) or email us at info@prequal.co.nz

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