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  1. Are you the main contractor for significant (ring fenced) commercial major capital works projects, or significant work services programmes. (e.g. a Tier 1 or 2 construction or civil contractor, project management company, or significant outsourced service provider)?
  2. Do you have full control over ALL H&S Systems and Procedures of all contractors and sub-contractors working on the job?

If you have any doubt on whether you are a main or controlling contractor. Please contact PREQUAL support on 0800 773 782.

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Description of Work Activities

Please select the work activities your company performs: Primary work activity: This activity will be used as the basis of establishing your contractor peer group, along with your contractor category, so comparison can be made with them. Only one primary activity can be selected. Other Core Work Activities: If you have other core work activities (in addition to your primary work activity) please select these (you can select more than one and should indicate whether your own employees, subcontractors, or both, carry these out). These will be used to further refine your prequalification questionnaire and also to provide Clients with an understanding of what services you are able to offer.
Work Activity Primary work activity Employees do this work Subcontractors to do this work
Abseiling/Rope Access
Agricultural Chemical Transportation and Application.
Air Conditioning/Home Ventilation installation
Animal Handling
Architecture (Textile Construction)
Asbestos removal
Automotive Electrical Servicing
Carpet Laying
Chemical cleaning
Chemical Supply
Cleaning (Commercial/Industrial)
Commercial Fishing
Communication Solutions and Services
Concrete Surface Finish's
Confined space management services
Construction (Civil)
Construction (Commercial)
Construction (Residential)
Dangerous Goods Transportation
Defensive Driver Training
Design Engineering
Door to Door Sales
Drilling and Blasting
Electrical & Mechanical Supply & Service
Electrical (General)
Electrical (High Voltage)
Emergency Response
Engine Servicing
Engineering (Civil)
Engineering (Mechanical Installation)
Engineering (Professional Services)
Engineering (Trade)
Engineering-Energy Industries
Environmental Testing & Consultancy
Event Decor
Event Management
Facilities Management
Fencing (Rural)
Fencing (Security)
Flooring/ Tiling
Fluid Connector Services
Food Manufacturing.
Forestry (Extraction)
Forestry (Silverculture)
Fuel Supply or Storage
Gas Services (High Pressure)
Glass Polishing (Graffiti Removal)
Graffiti Removal
Grounds Maintenance
GRP Fabrication & Installation
Gym Equipment - Supply & Service
Hazardous Substances Storage and Transport
Heavy Plant & Machinery Relocation
Heavy Transport
Heritage Conservation
Hire Equipment-Supply & Service
House Relocation
Installation & Maintenance of Audio Visual Systems
Installation and Maintenance of Doors
Installation and Maintenance of Fire Systems
Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems
Installation and Repair of Conveyor Belts
Installation and Servicing of Hydraulic Systems
Installation and Servicing of Lifts
Installation of Safety Equipment
Insulated Panel Installation
Interior Design
IT Services
Lagging and Insulation
Landscape Architect/ Design
Landscaping Contractor
Laundry/Consumables/Rental Service (Commercial)
Letterbox Marketing & Distribution
Lifting Equipment Certification
Mail Services
Manufacture/Installation and Maintenance of Street Furniture
Manufacture/Installation of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries
Manufacture/Installation of Playground Equipment
Manufacture/installation of Speciallity Seating
Manufacture/Supply and Installation of Synthetic Grass
Manufacture/Supply of Compost
Manufacture/Supply of Potable Water Systems
Marine Inspections
Meat or Fish Processing
Mechanical Fitting
Mechanical Servicing
Medical Equipment Supplier
Mobile Plant and Equipment Servicing
Native Bush Restoration
Non Destructive Testing
Occupational Health
Office Supplies and Installation
Passenger Transport
Personnel Recruitment/ Labour Hire
Pest Control
Photography and Videography.
Plumbing/Drain Laying/Gas Fitting
Project Management
Property Maintenance
Property Valuers
Quality Assurance
Quantity Surveying
Recycling Services
Relocation Services
Research & Consultancy Services
Road Marking
Road Repair or Construction
Road Sweeping
Road Transport
SCADA Manufacture and/or Supply
Security Services
Shop Fitting Design/ Manufacture/ Installation/ Maintenance
Signage Manufacture/Installation
Solid/Hazardous Waste Removal
Solid Plastering
Specialist Coatings
Staging and stage construction
Stone Mason
Storage Non-Hazardous Goods
Test Certification
Traffic Management
Ultrasonic Leak Detection
Underground Mining or Tunnelling
Vehicle Servicing and Repair (Road Vehicles)
Waste Management
Waste Removal
Wind Farm Construction
Wood Processing & Manufacturing
Work With Biohazards or Infectious Materials
Work With Energised Systems
Work With Pressure Vessels
Work With Radioactive Materials

Description of Work Activities

Please select the work activities you perform:

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